Landscaping Your Dollhouse

Dollhouses can aquire personalities of their own, not just on the inside, but outside as well. With a little imagination, you can add character and personality to the outside just as easily as the interior of your house. And, by accessorizing with landscaping techniques, your house can change with the seasons, and celebrate the Holidays.

Here are some ideas and recommendations you may find useful.

    Border Plants - Used in a flower garden or to outline a sidewalk, etc.

    Bushes and Trees - Can be "planted" anywhere that one wants a bush or tree outside the house.

    Creeping Phlox - Can be cut apart and placed where one wants some color.

    Hanging Baskets - Hung from porch or eaves outside house or from a hanger inside house.

    Vines - Can be stretched, cut apart and placed where one wants some color (on ground, over a fence, up a chimney, up the side of a house, etc.)

    Ground Cover - Can be cut apart and placed where one wants some ground cover (around/under a house, a tree, in the yard, etc.)

    Hedges - Placed where one wants around the outside of house or to outline a sidewalk.

    Window Flower Box - Glued in place under a window.

    Holiday Wreaths - Can be placed on windows, doors, and porch railings to "bring in the Holiday cheer."

There are many other accessories available to help bring the seasons inside your home. Just as you change your candles, wall hangings, and nic-nacks, your dollhouse can be a seasonal show piece as well. Decorate your dollhouse with pumpkins by the front door around Halloween. Add some miniature fall colored leaves and/or vines. If your house is electrified, consider adding some Christmas Lights around the door and windows, or across the front porch. Maybe some Holly Vines here and there. Even an easter basket sitting just outside the front door brings a smile to faces as people walk by. The possibilities are endless!

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