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Building a dollhouse - Where do I begin?

There are a wide variety of products available to add detail to your dollhouse. This timeline is for a basic structure. Detailing such as baseboards, light fixtures and door knobs are ways to customize your kit.

Tips for building your dollhouse kit. *:

  • Check parts against the Parts List included with your directions. Make pencil marks on each piece in order to keep track of what each piece is for, either with part # or size.

  • Time saving idea is to prime all of your interior walls and ceilings at this point using a quality water based primer. This is easily done with a 4” trim roller brush while the pieces are flat.

  • Paint ceilings with your choice of a finish coat.

  • Construct the body of the house. DO NOT at this point installs any of the windows, doors, stairs or trim. If installing a porch use support posts only. Porch floors and posts should be finished before installing for a neat finish. Do not attach railings or trims.

  • Shingle Roof. Your particular kit may require the placement of any roof trim before shingling. Paint trim prior to installing

  • If your kit does not have an exterior finish such as siding, decide at this point if you would like to add, and attach your finish.

  • Paint all exterior walls

  • Build and finish all windows, doors, railings and trim pieces. Set aside

  • If choosing to wire, all wiring should be installed at this point

  • Finish interior walls with choice of materials

  • Finish floors with choice of materials

  • Add trim pieces, doors, windows and stairs

  • Have fun adding your furniture and accessories!

*These tips are not designed for the tab and slot kits such as Greenleaf or Corona Concepts.

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