An easy solution to one of the most questioned miniature wiring problems; sconce and/or hanging lamp installation.

In the past, these tasks have meant the grooving of walls and ceilings, the placement of sconces on inside walls only, or running wires from ceiling fixtures under carpets on floor above. With our Adapters these problems are simply a bad memory. Installation can now be made on any wall or ceiling; exterior or interior.

Using a sconce adapter, sconces may be installed on either a vertical or horizontal tape run and may be rotated up to 30 degrees in either direction for perfect alignment.

Ceiling fixtures may be installed anywhere desired.

The adapter ring is fully brass plated making it suitable for even the most ornate of fixtures. Complete step-by-step instructions, with detailed illustrations, are included in each package.

Special spring-loaded eyelets are included with each adapter.

These eyelets grip the adapter plug and ensure a tight fit against the wall or ceiling.

Sconce and Chandelier adapters come on a variety of sizes, and may be found at:

CK804 - Chandelier Adpater (15/32" diameter)
CK804-1 - Chandelier Adpater (19/32" diameter)
CK804-2 - Chandelier Adpater (11/16" diameter)
CK804-3 - Chandelier Adpater (27/32" diameter)
CK800 - Brass Ceiling Canopy w/Eyelet (27/32" diameter)
CK800-1 - Gold Plated Ceiling Canopy w/Eyelet (27/32" diameter)
CK804-4 - 1/2 Scale Chandelier Adapter(11/32" diameter)

CK801 - Sconce Adapter, Round
CK801-1 - Sconce Adapter, Hex
CK801-2 - 1/2 Scale Sconce Adapter, Round

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