What Glues to Use With What Projects?

Some helpful recommendations you may find useful.

Plywood Shell & Walls Tacky
Siding Contact Cement Quick Grip
Shingles Tacky Quick Grip, Elmer's
Trim TackyQuick Grip, Elmer's
Windows & Doors Tacky Quick Grip, Elmer's
Wallpaper, Ceiling Paper                     YES Glue
Carpet YES Glue, Bond 484               Spray Adhesive, Two sided tape
Tile Aliene's Platinum Bond Spray Adhesive
Brick1 Aliene's Platinum Bond Tacky, Elmer's
Stone Mortar Mix
Hardwood Floor: Strips Aliene's Platinum Bond
Sheets Aliene's Platinum Bond Spray Adhesive
Light Fixtures (to ceiling) Tacky Quick Grip
Pictures QUIK-STIK
Landscaping Aliene's Platinum Bond Tacky, Elmer's
Furniture (wooden) Tacky Elmer's, Tinted Glue
Plastic kits Aliene's Platinum Bond Testors Plastic Model Cement
Metal kits Zap-A-GapZap-A-Gap Epoxy
Lights, Metal & Crystal2 Zap-A-Gap Epoxy
Name Type
Tacky Squeezable tacky glue (Bond or Aileen's)
Elmer's Yellow or White Glue
QUIK-STIK Wax based, nonhardening temporary adhesive
Quick Grip Solvent based glue. Contains NO water.
Bond 484 Thick spreadable white tacky glue
Bond 527 Testors Plastic Model Cement
Spray Adhesive Contact cement
YES Glue Grandmother Stover's
Tinted Glue White glue with colorant added
Zap-A-Gap "Super Glue" type adhesive.
1 Mortar Mix is used to grout (fill between) the bricks
2 Zap-A-GapZap-A-Gap does not work well on glass products.

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